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Participation in the Oklahoma Youth Orchestras is a season-long commitment (August through May). We do not allow families to pay-per-semester. We encourage you to talk as a family about this commitment as tuition refunds are not available to students who chose to not complete the year. Please evaluate your yearly schedule in order to be sure that you will be able to fulfill this time commitment. In very rare cases will a refund of tuition paid be granted to families withdrawing from the program due to extenuating circumstances. Pro-rated tuition may be offered to students who enroll after the season has started based on concerts completed. Tuition for each ensemble for the full season is as follows:

Oklahoma Youth Orchestras Ensembles:

  • Oklahoma Youth Orchestra (OYO): $600
  • Oklahoma Youth Philharmonic (OYP): $480
  • Oklahoma Youth Winds (OYW): $480
  • Chamber Orchestra: $420
  • Sinfonia: $420
  • Philharmonia: $420
  • Festival Strings: $300
  • Rockin’ Strings: $350 ($300 for students already enrolled in another Oklahoma Youth Orchestras ensemble). Per semester enrollment is also available for this ensemble ONLY, contact the office for more details

Payment Plans
Traditional Payment
Tuition can be paid in full by September 1st or at the time of enrollment for those joining later. Festival Strings and Rockin’ Strings participants must submit enrollment paperwork after their first “test drive” rehearsal and tuition is due by October 1st. Failure to complete enrollment paperwork will result in refusal to attend rehearsal.

Flex Pay
Three equal payments made by September 1st (Festival Strings, Rockin’ Strings Full Season – October 1st), December 1st and March 1st. Payments received after the 15th of the month will be charged a $20 late fee per occurrence. Payments not received by the end of the month will be considered delinquent and the family is subject to removal from the program. Families also have the opportunity to enroll in auto pay with a credit or debit card authorization form. Flex Pay is a FREE payment plan offered to help families with the costs of the program.

Monthly Payment Plan
For a one-time fee of $30*, families can make eight (8) monthly payments beginning September 1st and ending April 1st. Families MUST make payment through automatic billing of your credit/debit card. A form is available under “Forms” on our website to sign-up. Festival Strings and Rockin’ Strings Full Season families may make six (6) monthly payments beginning October 1st and ending March 1st.
* Fees associated with payment plans are due in full with the first payment.

Making a Payment
All payments should be received by the 1st of the month in which they are due. Payments received after the 15th are subject to a $20 late fee per occurrence. Payments not received by the end of the month will be considered delinquent and the family is subject to removal from the program.

Billing Statement
All families are provided an initial tuition bill via email upon the completion of their acceptance paperwork. The first payment or payment plan authorization form is due September 1st unless otherwise noted. If a family chooses to make a traditional payment or initial flex plan payment, they may do so online, by phone or mail in payment. Families who chose to participate in the flex payment plan will then receive their billing statements at least 15 days prior to the next due date.

Pay Online
Once you have received your bill, you can pay online HERE. Our securely hosted online payment site requires you to enter your Student ID and Payment Amount both found on your billing statement.

Pay by Phone
You can make a payment by credit card Monday through Thursday by calling our office at 405-232-1199. Please have your most recent billing information availability.

Pay by Mail
You can mail your check or money order to: Oklahoma Youth Orchestras – 2501 North Blackwelder – Oklahoma City, OK 73106. Your payment must be postmarked by the due date to avoid any late charges. Please be certain to include your Student ID in the memo line of your payment.

Multiple Students
Families with more than one student participating in the Oklahoma Youth Orchestras ensembles receive a 15% discount for each additional student. The discount will be taken from the less expensive tuition(s). This discount does not apply to an individual student participating in multiple ensembles.

Multiple Ensembles
A student participating in multiple auditioned ensembles on the same instrument at the request of the organization will receive a tuition scholarship equal to the least expensive of the two ensembles. Students participating in multiple ensembles such as Sinfonia and Rockin’ Strings an advertised rate that takes into account multiple ensemble enrollments.

**additional programs made available are not subject to these discounts. Additional fees, rentals and purchases such as tuxedos, CDs and merchandise must be paid in full at the time of rental/purchase. Students receiving financial aid are not extended these additional discounts. Multiple students and multiple ensembles are taken into consideration when awarding financial aid.


Check Policy
The Oklahoma Youth Orchestras does not hold or accept post-dated checks. Checks received during business hours will be deposited by the end of the business day. Checks received after business hours will be deposited the next day.

Credit Card Policy
A credit card number, expiration date, security code and billing address are required for each transaction. The Oklahoma Youth Orchestras works hard to protect sensitive information. For this reason, credit card information will NOT be kept on file with our office UNLESS an auto debit authorization form is signed and completed.

A delay in payment due to your credit card information being declined or incorrect will affect your payment deadlines. Please be certain to respond to staff requests for updated information in a timely manner to avoid a late fee.

Tuition Refunds for Extenuating Circumstance
The Oklahoma Youth Orchestras are a season-long commitment (August through May). A family’s decision to terminate their membership must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director should they feel there are extenuating circumstances which may warrant a refund. These circumstances often include medical issues or family relocation. Requests for tuition refunds will be reviewed by Staff and members of the Board of Directors. It may take up to 60 days from receipt of the request to receive a reply and/or refund. Tuition refunds are prorated based on a variety of factors.

Delinquent Accounts          
Families with delinquent accounts are subject to collection after a reasonable number of attempts are made by staff to contact the family to collect payment. Families with delinquent accounts may not enroll in future seasons until the remaining balance is paid in full.