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2017-2018 Season Auditions
are no longer open. Please check back here in  August for more audition opportunities.

Be sure to have the following information NECESSARY to complete this form:

  • Student and Parent Contact Information
  • School and Orchestra/Band Teacher for Fall 2017
  • Private Instructor Contact Information (if applicable)
  • Former Experience and Awards
  • Your desired audition day/time-block

Audition times will be be booked first-come, first-served within the audition time block you select. Violin, Viola, Woodwind/Brass will be booked every 5 minutes. Cello, Bass and Percussion will be booked every 10 minutes. If you have multiple students in your family who will be auditioning, please complete their forms back-to-back and we will work to schedule their time slots as close as possible. Once we have booked your audition time, we will be unable to change it unless your family has an extreme circumstance – be certain you can commit.

You will receive an automated notification at the end of the form that we have received your information. An email will be sent within one week to confirm your time. You can also view your time, once it has been assigned, on the website.

DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM MORE THAN ONCE FOR THE SAME AUDITION. If you feel there was an error and are unsure if the form was completed properly, please contact or call the office at 405-232-1199 before submitting an additional form. 


Families who need to request a make-up audition due to schedule conflict should still fill-out the registration form and select the option: “Please contact me to schedule an alternate audition time.” Make-up auditions must be completed prior to May 20th for regular placement consideration. Auditions that take place after this time period will only be considered for remaining seats available.