Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Audition Requirements?
Audition requirements can be found online at www.oyomusic.org and then click “auditions.” In general, all students are required to perform a scale and a piece of their choice. Students are asked to bring a copy of their prepared piece for the judges. Auditions move quickly – generally 5 to 10 minutes (5 minutes for most instruments, 10 for cello and bass to accommodate the larger instruments)! Please plan your audition repertoire accordingly.

How do I sign-up?
Families MUST sign-up online in order to collect the necessary information. Please be prepared with your family contact information, information about your school and teacher for fall 2017, contact information for your private lesson teacher, and past experiences. During the online sign-up, you will be asked to select a time block for your audition. Auditions will be scheduled first-come, first-served for the time block you request. A confirmation email with your specifically assigned time will be sent within one week and the online schedule will update.

What are the Audition Dates and Times?

Saturday, May 20th

Sunday, May 21st

Monday, May 22nd

9:00AM – Noon





Violin, Cello and Brass/Woodwinds


Violin and Brass/Woodwinds


Violin and Brass/Woodwinds


Percussion auditions take place on Monday, May 22nd from 5:00-7:30PM
Pianists and Harpists will need to schedule their audition directly with the office. Please call 405-232-1199 or email auditions@oyomusic.org.

Where do auditions take place?
OCU Wanda L. Bass School of Music located by Blackwelder and NW 25th street in Oklahoma City CLICK HERE FOR MAP (OCU student/commuter parking available for your use).

How early should I arrive at my audition?
We recommend that you arrive for your audition NO EARLIER than 30 minutes prior to your audition time. You will need enough time to register, fill out final paperwork and tune. Only a general warm-up room will be open – NO INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE ROOMS. Students should come prepared to play and only need a small amount of time to tune.

What do I bring to my audition?
Please bring your instrument, necessary accessories, a tuner and a copy of your prepared piece to give to the judges (this does not have to be an original).

How should I dress for my audition?
While we do not expect students to audition in concert dress, we DO encourage you to dress in a manner that is professional. This is your opportunity to show the judges that you are a serious student musician and want to be part of Oklahoma Youth Orchestras. We discourage you from wearing jeans/shorts – HOWEVER – we do understand that some students may be coming from other events/sports. Please use your best judgment.

Will there be practice rooms available at the audition?
No. A general warm-up room will be provided for all students to tune prior to their audition time. We recommend that students arrive prepared to play. We ask that you arrive NO EARLIER than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled audition time.

Who will be in my audition?
Students auditioning on a string instrument will have a live audition hosted by one or two Oklahoma Youth Orchestras conductors/coaches, and their audition will be recorded for later consultation. Students auditioning on Brass/Woodwinds will have their audition taped by a staff member to be viewed by the conductors.

When will I find out my results?
Audition results will be emailed in early June. The email will include information on how to accept your placement and officially register for your ensemble by July 1, 2017. Please do not contact the office prior to June 5th to ask for your placement.

When is tuition due?
After you officially accept your audition placement, you will receive your welcome letter for the season. This will include important information about tuition, emergency forms and our family handbook. Initial payment and forms will be due by September 1, 2017 (prior to the first rehearsal).

What if I am interested in applying for Financial Aid?
Financial aid applications are due at the time you accept your audition placement (by July 1, 2017). A Financial aid form will be made available at the time you receive your acceptance letter.

What do I do if I need to change my audition time?
While we understand that schedules change, it is important that you select an audition time to which you know you can commit. In rare cases will the office allow for audition time changes.

What if I have a conflict with the audition days available?
If you are unable to audition on the dates available, please contact the office at 405-232-1199 or email info@oyomusic.org. Alternate, auditions will be scheduled BEFORE May 20, 2017. TO BE CONSIDERED BY THE JUNE  NOTIFICATION WEEK, ALL MAKE-UP AUDITIONS MUST BE COMPLETED BY THIS DATE. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL DELAY YOUR ACCEPTANCE UNTIL THE FALL.

What if I plan to audition for the Senior Concerto Competition?
You will still need to schedule a regular audition. To schedule your Senior Concerto Competition, CLICK HERE or go to www.oyomusic.org/join.

Can I send in a taped audition?
No. Even though we do tape auditions we do not allow families to submit their own recording.

Who is eligible to audition?
We offer an auditioned string experience for students in middle school and high school. Our offerings for wind, brass and percussion are geared toward high school musicians. Public school, private school and home school students come together each week to make great music! IMPORTATNT: Students MUST be enrolled in their school’s instrumental music program, if available, in order to participate in the Oklahoma Youth Orchestras’ programs – our organization is NOT designed as an alternative to your school’s music program. More information regarding our eligibility policy can be found in our student handbook.

What if I want to be in Festival Strings or Rockin’ Strings?
Festival Strings and Rockin’ Strings are ensembles that do not require an audition. Students wanting to participate in these ensembles may do so by signing up in the Fall of 2017. Sign up will be made available at www.oyomusic.org/programs beginning in August.

My student is already part of the Oklahoma Youth Orchestras, why does she/he need to audition?
Each year is a clean-slate and we must audition all students interested in participating in Oklahoma Youth Orchestras. Your student’s development throughout the year needs to be reassessed in relation to the pool of applicants. All string students audition for consideration for participation in any ensemble within the organization – students do not choose the ensemble for which they are auditioning. It is important to note that some ensembles are more appropriate than others based on both student experience and grade level. Our staff will place the student in the most appropriate ensemble that will challenge them while allowing them to succeed, as well as taking in to account the overall pool of audition applicants. Woodwind and Brass students are allowed to specify whether they would like to be considered for all available ensembles or just specifically our full-orchestras or wind ensemble. While each of our ensembles is designed to achieve particular curricular goals, it is not uncommon for the ensemble’s difficulty level to increase should the overall pool of applicants required students to remain in a particular ensemble for one or more years…we do NOT focus on the concept of students “moving up” through the program.

What if I still owe tuition for the 2016-2017 season?
We welcome you to audition as you continue to pay off your tuition, however, we cannot offer acceptance for the 2017-2018 season until your account is paid in full.