Play it Forward

The students served  by Oklahoma Youth Orchestras are learning new musical skills every week as they prepare for challenging and entertaining concerts with their peers from across the metro, under the direction of our fantastic artistic staff. 

But that’s not all – in addition to providing musical instruction and experiences, we are developing the next generation of civic and arts leaders. Gaining life skills of creative problem solving and communication; performing free concerts for communities in need; and choosing to serve on the Student Advisory Board where students learn leadership, group cooperation, and public speaking; our students know how to Play It Forward, to use their knowledge, skills, and dedication to make the world a better place.  

You can join us in this great work – Play It Forward with a donation to Oklahoma Youth Orchestras today!


Big Goal, Big Impact

This year we are providing musical opportunities via eleven different ensembles and programs to 400 Oklahoma students, ages 8 to 18. Over 4,000 community members enjoy our concerts and special performances throughout the season, and we frequently represent our city and state at music festivals and conventions.

To keep this good work going, our goal is to raise $20,000. Thanks to generous lead donors, we are already well on our way towards that goal – check back here for campaign progress!

When You Give, You Get

Playing It Forward is something to be proud of, so we’re proud to share a brand new t-shirt:


Congratulations to our early donors who earned themselves a stylish new t-shirt! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for opportunities to win your own Play It Forward shirt, as a token of our appreciation and a testament to your positive impact in our community, making more music happen.