Super Parent Logo FileA social initiative of Oklahoma Youth Orchestras, SuperFamilies is designed to build a stronger base of parent involvement and is open to ALL families of the organization. With social events, brainstorm sessions, and more, SuperFamilies helps better connect our musicians and parents with one another and the organization.

Save the Date for these Upcoming Events during our 40th Anniversary Season:

Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 4:30pm – 3rd Annual Bonfire

Organized by our Student Advisory Board, this evening of fun and food is designed to bring together the families of Oklahoma Youth Orchestras in a casual, outdoor setting and facilitate new friendships among students who don’t often get to meet students from other ensembles. Last year over 150 students and families attended this relaxing social evening. Everyone left with a pumpkin of their choice, and a few even left with Thunder basketball tickets! This event is hosted at TG Farms near Norman (please note that TG Farms has two locations, and this event is held at the Norman location, NOT the Newcastle on!) and there is a small admission charge of $10 per person. If you’d like to pay this admission charge ahead of time please click HERE. You may also pay at the door using cash, card, or check. 

Please click HERE to RSVP and use the button below to pay admission in advance.


Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 2:00pm – Meet Gerard and Julian Schwarz!

As a part of our Ruby Weekend Celebration activities leading up to Sunday afternoon’s Ruby Gala concert, father and son, both outstanding musicians and contributors to the orchestral field, will together share their experiences as professional musicians, and answer questions from you, the students and families of Oklahoma Youth Orchestras. Don’t miss this opportunity! 

More about Maestro Gerard Schwarz HERE.

More about Cellist Julian Schwarz HERE.