Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council of the Oklahoma Youth Orchestras is a unique opportunity for members to help lead the organization in social activities, recruitment, marketing, and program feedback. Members meet several times per year with organization staff and report to the organization’s Board of Directors. Members have the great opportunities of learning leadership, teamwork, and governance skills as they help make the organization better for their peers. 

Members of the Student Leadership Council are representatives of the high level of excellence expected from our student body, so we ask that applicants maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and exhibit a positive spirit of leadership. We also ask that these students be in 9th grade or higher. Attendance at meetings and involvement with all activities is vital, so please consider your ability to make this a priority before applying. Application for the 2019-2020 SLC have closed, but if you would like to participate please contact Elizabeth Venegas

8/6/2019 – Orientation & Retreat Planning

9/10/2019 – Fall Social Planning

10/12/2019 – Annual Social

1/14/2020 – Meeting Hold Date

2/25/2020Open House Planning & Promotion

4/13/2019 – Open House


2018-2019 Members
Emma Darvin
Sophia Dykstra
Michael Kowalchyk
James McAffrey
Mikayla Schwabe
Eli Stell
Braden Thompson
Zachary Tu
Jaylin Vinson

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