Handbook + Tuition Payment and Financial Aid Forms

This page is designed for current members and families and for those who are considering joining OKYO. All policies, deadlines, and tuition details are subject to change with sufficient notice.

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PLEASE NOTE: A 2020 Handbook Supplement is under development as our leadership explore options for students to make music together this fall. The Supplement will be shared in August and will detail new procedures designed to protect the health and safety of our students, families, staff, and volunteers.

AUTO TUITION PAY AUTHORIZATION – For Flex and Monthly Payment Plans
This form needs to be filled out for your tuition payments to be auto-debited from your account, either three times a year or monthly.
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to download a copy of our financial aid application.

Financial aid application deadlines:

  • August 14th – Regular season auditioned ensembles financial aid applications due
  • October 16th – Festival Strings and Rockin’ Strings financial aid applications due*
  • Other non-traditional enrollment – 30 days from enrollment

*Please see page 15 of the Family Handbook to learn about the Special Scholarships available to students in Festival and Rockin’ Strings

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